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How Conscious Capitalism in Real Estate Creates Contributors Out of Victims


The difference between a victim and someone who authors their own life comes down to one question. “Am I okay?”

Conscious Cashflow uses conscious capitalism principles to create abundance in the lives of investors and tenants for one simple reason, to help shuttle people up, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. We believe that when people go from victim to author, that person’s life is radically changed. They become happier, less prone to crime, and have a higher likelihood of contributing to society. Through real estate, we bring the opportunity for people to go from being dependent on society to creating their own unique paradise.

What is a victim mentality?

A victim is not classified as someone who receives some unjust action or circumstance. It is someone who believes that, at their core, they are not okay. That they are below other people due to the logistics of their lives, and they are unable to change that.

In the Karpman Drama Triangle, a victim sits at the bottom of the drama triangle. One interaction is between the victim and the prosecutor. In this dynamic, the victim is suffering at the hands of someone who is forcing them into the role of victim. The victim feels unable to change their circumstance, invoking their feeling of “not okay.” The victim is not alright, and the prosecutor is making them that way, in their eyes.

The other dynamic a victim can be in is with a rescuer. Here, a victim feels like they are “not okay” and they need someone to save them. They view the rescuer as being able to make them whole and give them what they need to be okay. Victims can ask for things like resources, time, or attention in an attempt to try to change their state.

The issue in both of these dynamics is the victim is unable to change their circumstances on their own.

How Conscious Capitalism makes Creators out of Victims.

Conscious Cashflow utilizes fractionalized ownership of real estate through crowdfunding to allow unaccredited investors to gain access to the high-return world of commercial real estate. We focus on tenants who are at a crossroads. Do they live in a self-fulfilling existence of victims, or do they want another way? By empowering our tenants with a safe place to live, counseling, and education, we give THEM the tools to change their lives. Be providing them with safety, and opportunity they are in the driver’s seat. Life is happening for them , not to them. This is not a company of handouts; it is a model designed to give tenants a hand up. There are a plethora of not-for-profits and government programs directed toward at-risk youth. We believe conscious capitalism can allow these tenants to utilize these resources in an empowering way.

If you are interested in learning more about our work or how you can invest with Conscious Cashflow, reach out to Ziah Orion:

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