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Investment Details

The Offering Details provide a breakdown of the financials for a specific property offering. The Offering Details show the operating plan for the property, including how the Raise Amount proceeds will be used. For transparency, we also like to share a breakdown of the Arrived fees. And if you’re interested in more information, we also […]

The Market

Real estate values and returns hinge significantly on location. Typically, more affordable markets yield higher cash flow (potential dividends), while pricier markets offer greater appreciation. At Arrived, we empower investors with choices, allowing them to allocate investments across appreciation-focused markets, cash flow-driven markets, or balanced markets. Local city and market economies play a pivotal role […]

Tenant Leasing Process

Getting a home ready for the rental market is a comprehensive process that starts upon property acquisition. Our seasoned investment team collaborates with local property managers to ensure readiness. This involves setting the optimal market rent, capturing high-quality photos and videos, and advertising through diverse online and offline channels. Rigorous tenant screening is conducted, including […]

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